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ALRIGHT. My first bit of fanfiction, woo! So here's the story behind this one. I'm taking a creative writing class right now (actually my second semester of it tbh), and every class, our professor gives us these optional prompts that we can choose to do, particularly if we're running out of ideas to write about (since the class I'm taking in particular is specifically a workshopping class, meaning there's no set curriculum or anything, we are free to write our own stuff however we want)! Now, for this class, I've only ever really worked on chapters for Brotherhood (my original story), and I'll write down all the prompts we're given, but I've never really used them before; like, I might come up with ideas or something, but I don't really act on them.

Last class was different however. My professor gave us a fiction prompt that goes like this: he gives us five words, and we're supposed to write down the first thing that comes to mind when we hear each of those words. The words he gave us were: a color, an animal, a fruit, a physical characteristic, and a fear. So I in turn came up with the following: blue, a spotted seal, apple, messy hair, and losing someone important to them. And with those five elements, we're supposed to write a fiction piece. Well, I specifically had Law in mind when I thought of all of those, SO. HERE WE ARE. Now, this was originally supposed to be more like a little drabble I guess, but NOPE. It evolved into something much bigger than that, and I'm proud! I guess that's what happens when you write in first person POV! But anyway! I hope you guys enjoy this!

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