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I am so happy right now like I can't even. It's tomorrow morning, and here's hoping that everything works out because that job would be so great.
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Okay so far it's been a pretty good day! Sure, it's early morning over here, but who cares about that? As long as I feel good about myself, it's all good, right? Idk man, whatever.

I feel slightly better about getting Ren's chapter done. I've just been getting anxious because this semester so many people are submitting pieces to be workshopped at a really fast rate. Like Professor Alley opened the first packet the very first day of class. Next class, 20 people have already submitted. Like WHAT THE HELLLLL, this wasn't at all like last semester where it took several days to even just get one or two pieces into that first packet.

People are just really fast in this class, which is the opposite of me, because it takes me a while (typically) to get one chapter done, but then again it all depends on my level of motivation. There have been times where I've been able to get chapters done in one day, but that doesn't happen often. I wish I could go back to getting a chapter done a week, like back at JMU. I had a pretty good system going on back then, it was great. Of course, it's easier said than done since now I make OP graphics, and that takes up some time. Also, I'm still trying to look for a job, bc if I'm going to move into that condo with Miz, I have to REALLY get on the ball.

Well whatever. Professor Alley said to take my time on it. He knows how I write, and he also said he'll let me go ahead and workshop right away as soon as I get my excerpt posted, so that's good. I won't have to wait at least.

Alright ANYWAY. That's enough from me right now, I've gotta finish updating the google docs page for Ren's chapter before class.
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I'm going to have to do a follow forever now aren't I? I'll think of something, ahaha
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OH and you know what? I just realized something. I can make things SO MUCH EASIER on myself if I just cut out the part with Heng that I originally had planned at the end of Ren's chapter. I mean sure, it'd be pretty cool and interesting to have it, but what I liked about her chapter in the original draft was that I left the chapter open-ended. Like, it kind of ends on a cliffhanger, and you know that something fishy is going on. I should just do that here! And then like during Cho's next chapter, SHE GETS KNOCKED OUT. So that'll add to the suspense!

Shit I think I've got this now. Early morning drives after class sure do help.
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If I get so invested into writing one fanfic, then I should be this invested in writing Brotherhood, goddammit. I just don't know. I think the main problem here is that I'm revamping the beginning right now, and it isn't until act 2 that the real shit starts going down. I mean, act 2 is when the main conflict starts, and the main villains show up too. But act 1 is also really fucking important, because it's what happens at the end of act 1 that triggers the rest of the plot. So I have to do act 1!

I think I'm just going to have to motivate myself into writing it. It's just so hard though, ugh... (But luckily it's during the middle of Ren's chapter that shit actually starts happening, and that's the chapter i'm working on right now. So if I can just get to that part, things should really start flowing then I think).
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ALRIGHT. My first bit of fanfiction, woo! So here's the story behind this one. I'm taking a creative writing class right now (actually my second semester of it tbh), and every class, our professor gives us these optional prompts that we can choose to do, particularly if we're running out of ideas to write about (since the class I'm taking in particular is specifically a workshopping class, meaning there's no set curriculum or anything, we are free to write our own stuff however we want)! Now, for this class, I've only ever really worked on chapters for Brotherhood (my original story), and I'll write down all the prompts we're given, but I've never really used them before; like, I might come up with ideas or something, but I don't really act on them.

Last class was different however. My professor gave us a fiction prompt that goes like this: he gives us five words, and we're supposed to write down the first thing that comes to mind when we hear each of those words. The words he gave us were: a color, an animal, a fruit, a physical characteristic, and a fear. So I in turn came up with the following: blue, a spotted seal, apple, messy hair, and losing someone important to them. And with those five elements, we're supposed to write a fiction piece. Well, I specifically had Law in mind when I thought of all of those, SO. HERE WE ARE. Now, this was originally supposed to be more like a little drabble I guess, but NOPE. It evolved into something much bigger than that, and I'm proud! I guess that's what happens when you write in first person POV! But anyway! I hope you guys enjoy this!
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WELL. It has certainly been a while since I've last posted on here. But I am going to try and change all of that! I think I'm going to start using this for update notices for my original story along with personal updates or rants or whatever. So basically, this is most likely going to take over the main purpose of my text-post blog on tumblr.

So yeah, again, I'm going to try and be more active on here at least! So stay tuned then! :D
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Okay, I am seriously proud of myself right now. I've actually gotten back into writing, and I think the new year has helped with that A LOT. Technically I've already finished two chapters (the Prologue and then chapter 1), and I did it ALL in ONE WEEKEND. That never happens to me because it usually takes me a while to get just one chapter finished, so this is a good thing for me!

Now onto chapter 2!

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So.... I bought two new games yesterday. They were kinda needed since I got the 3DS for Christmas, and the only game I got was a Phineas and Ferb game for the regular DS. Not that I'm complaining, but I really needed an actual 3DS game. So yeah, I got Mario Kart 7. It's pretty good! And they have some of the old race tracks from previous versions, and the new ones are pretty sweet!

Oh, and I also got Persona 3 for the PSP. It's interesting so far, but I will admit the Dark Hour is pretty creepy. And I'm not sure if the turn-based fighting style is good for me or not. I mean, I guess I was doing okay with Final Fantasy X, but it gets tricky because the AI enemies cheat by having multiple turns. *sighs* But we'll just see. OH, and I love the voice acting. It's great, and I rejoiced when I heard Vic Mignogna as one of the main guys. YES.

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